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« Subject-Relative Reasons for Love »

Hichem Naar signe un article intitulé « Subject-Relative Reasons for Love« , qui paraît dans Ratio (Volume 30, Issue 2
June 2017, p. 197–214).


Can love be an appropriate response to a person? In this paper, I argue that it can. First, I discuss the reasons why we might think this question should be answered in the negative. This will help us clarify the question itself. Then I argue that, even though extant accounts of reasons for love are inadequate, there remains the suspicion that there must be something about people which make our love for them appropriate. Being lovable, I contend, is what makes our love for them appropriate, just as being fearsome is what makes our fear of certain situations appropriate. I finally propose a general account of this property which avoids the major problems facing the extant accounts of reasons for love.