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Hichem Naar

Postes occupés

2014-2015 à 2015-2016 Chercheur-se postdoctoral-e,


Currently based at the University of Duisburg-Essen, I work primarily at the intersection of philosophy of mind and ethics, in particular on the nature and normative significance of various affective attitudes.

During my stay at the CRÉ, I worked on the relationship between affective attitudes, particularly sentiments and emotions, and reasons.

Personal website: www.hichemnaar.com 



  • 2019. Qui peut sauver la morale? Essai de métaéthique. Éditions d’Ithaque (with François Jaquet) 

Edited books

  • 2018. The Ontology of Emotions. Cambridge University Press (edited with Fabrice

Recent articles and book chapters (selection)

  • Forthcoming, « The Possibility of Fitting Love: Irreplaceability and Selectivity », Synthese
  • Forthcoming. « The Real Issue with Recalcitrant Emotions: Reply to Grzankowski », Erkenntnis
  • Forthcoming. “Love as a Disposition”, in Grau, C. & Smuts, A. (eds), Oxford Handbook of Philosophy of Love, Oxford University Press
  • 2019. “Gratitude: Generic vs. Deep”, in Roberts, R. & Telech, D. (eds.), The Moral Psychology of Gratitude, Rowman & Littlefield
  • 2018. “Sentiments”, in Naar, H. & Teroni, F. (eds), The Ontology of Emotions, Cambridge University Press
  • 2017. “Subject-Relative Reasons for Love”, Ratio, 30, 2, 197-214
  • 2016. “Real-World Love Drugs: Reply to Nyholm”, Journal of Applied Philosophy, 33, 2, 197-201
  • 2016. “Moral Beliefs for the Error Theorist?”, (with François Jaquet), Ethical Theory and Moral Practice, 19, 193-207
  • 2016. “Do Intuitions about Frankfurt-Style Cases Rest on an Internalist Prejudice?” (with Florian Cova), Philosophical Explorations, 19,3, 290-305
  • 2013. “A Dispositional Theory of Love”, Pacific Philosophical Quarterly, 94, 3, 342-357