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François Jaquet

Maître de Conférences en éthique à l’Université de Strasbourg

Postes occupés

2018-2019 à 2020-2021 Chercheur-se postdoctoral-e,
2018-2019 à 2020-2021 Chercheur-se postdoctoral-e,

Thèmes Phares


After obtaining my PhD at the University of Geneva in February 2016, I have been a postdoc at the Swiss Center for Affective Sciences (2016-2017), at the University of Birmingham (2017-2018) and at Stockholm University (where I am currently). By March 2019, I am a postdoctoral fellow at the CRE, where I work under the cosupervision of Christine Tappolet (UdeM) and Kristin Voigt (McGill).

While my area of expertise is  moral philosophy broadly construed, I have always been interested in the relation between metaethics and first-order ethics. So far, I have thus developed an argument for utilitarianism based on the moral error theory (both in my PhD thesis and in my current project) and worked on debunking arguments in normative ethics (in a project entitled « Beyond Moral Dilemmas »). The research I conducted at the Centre focuses on debunking arguments in animal ethics–more specifically against speciesism.

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