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Innovation, Ethics and our Common Futures. A Collaborative Philosophy

Paraîtra bientôt chez Edward Edgar publishing un ouvrage rédigé par Rafael Ziegler et intitulé Innovation, Ethics and our Common Futures. A Collaborative Philosophy.

The important yet contradictory role of innovation in society calls for a philosophy of innovation. Critically exploring innovation in relation to values, the economy and social change, Rafael Ziegler proposes a collaborative theory and practice of innovation that aims to liberate possibilities for our common futures.

Following cues from the arts and drawing on the innovation literature across the social sciences, this book exposes pro-innovation bias and the gospel of disruptive change. Not only entrepreneurs but also civic networks and tinkerers are discussed as sources of innovation, and social change as a balancing act of innovation, exnovation and restoration. The discussion of capabilitarian, communitarian, liberal, republican and socialist ideas of justice and innovation leads Ziegler to a transformative proposal: ‘enough innovation’ based on enough for all and with respect for all.

This is a thought-provoking read for scholars working on sustainability-transformation, democratic, responsible and social innovation, and philosophy of economics.