« Autonomy, Community, and the Justification of Public Reason »

Nouvel article d’Emil Andersson, ancien chercheur post-doctoral au CRÉ, intitulé « Autonomy, Community, and the Justification of Public Reason », paru dans le Canadian Journal of Philosophy.


Recently, there have been attempts at offering new justifications of the Rawlsian idea of public reason. Blain Neufeld has suggested that the ideal of political autonomy justifies public reason, while R.J. Leland and Han van Wietmarschen have sought to justify the idea by appealing to the value of political community. In this paper, I show that both proposals are vulnerable to a common problem. In realistic circumstances, they will often turn into reasons to oppose, rather than support, public reason. However, this counterintuitive result can be avoided if we conceive of autonomy and community differently.