16. Audio files of the conference on the Indian residential schools commission of Canada – Enregistrements audio

You can now download and listen to the complete recordings of the Breaking the Silence International conference on the Indian residential schools commission of Canada that took take place at the University of Montreal on September 26-27, 2008.

You can either visit the web page where the files are hosted at this address, or jump directly to our iTunes U page or download the parts of the conference that you wish by clicking on the programme links below.

If you wish to receive a CD of the recordings in mp3 format, please send your request to info@www.lecre.umontreal.ca along with your coordinates.

Editor: Martin Blanchard
Music: General International

Vous pouvez maintenant télécharger et écouter les enregistrements audio du colloque international sur les pensionnats indiens Breaking the silence, qui s’est tenu à l’Université de Montréal, les 26 et 27 septembre 2008.

Vous pouvez visiter le site qui héberge les enregistrements audio à cette adresse, ou aller directement sur notre page Itunes U ou écouter les parties qui vous intéressent en cliquant sur les liens du programme au bas de cette page.

Si vous désirez recevoir le CD des enregistrements en format mp3, S.V.P. envoyer votre requête et vos coordonnées à info@www.lecre.umontreal.ca

Montage: Martin Blanchard
Musique: Général International

Friday September 26

  • Part 1
    : Welcome prayer by Delbert Sampson, and Conference Plenary by Eduardo Gonzalez.
  • Part 2: Reconciliation: An International Perspective Panel chaired by Peter Dietsch, with Jeff Corntassel,Paige Arthur, and Cynthia Milton,
  • Part 3: Rapporteur Daniel Weinstock and Questions and comments
  • Part 4: The Ethical Challenges of Reconciliation Panel chaired by Perre Noreau, with Christian Nadeau, Val Napoleon, and Dale Turner,
  • Part 5: Rapporteur Maxime St-Hilaire, and Questions and comments

Saturday September 27

  • Part 6: Welcome prayer by Mike Standup and Media, ethics and reconciliation Panel chaired by Lance Delisle, with Ellen Gabriel, Matt James, and Janet Leader
  • Part 7: Rapporteur Renée Dupuis, and Questions and comments
  • Part 8: Plenary with National Chief Phil Fontaine
  • Part 9: Memory, truth and reconciliation panel chaired by Marianne Stenbaek with Sue Campbell,, Roger Simon, and Robina Thomas, School of Social Work, University of Victoria
  • Part 10: Rapporteur Paulette Regan, and Questions and comments
  • Part 11: Closing Plenary with Commissionner Claudette Dumont-Smith, Indian Residential Schools Truth and Reconciliation Commission

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