04. Conférence de Dwight Newman sur l’égalité et les droits des autochtones

Quand :
5 novembre 2009 @ 8:24 – 9:24

Le CRÉUM vous invite à venir assister à une conférence donnée par Dwight Newman, professeur de droit à l’Université de Saskatchewan (Saskatoon), qui portera sur:

Untangling Equality-Based Arguments for Indigenous Rights

Le jeudi 5 novembre
de 12 h à 13 h 30
Salle de séminaire du CRÉUM (309)
2910 Boul. Édouard-Montpetit
Métro Université-de-Montréal


I will try to untangle certain problems present in equality-based arguments for Indigenous rights. Will Kymlicka’s seminal Liberalism, Community, and Culture opened the prospect that Indigenous rights might be defended in terms of traditional liberal egalitarian values, claiming to offer an argument for Indigenous rights based on Ronald Dworkin’s account of equality of resources. Patrick Macklem’s monumental Indigenous Difference and the Constitution of Canada built on this approach to seek to justify the Aboriginal rights provisions of a Western democratic constitution, namely that of Canada, through equality-based arguments. Though laudable in intent, I will argue that these and similar arguments unfortunately elide different conceptions of equality that entail inconsistent normative commitments. Rendering analytically more transparent the equality rights implications of different Indigenous rights offers the prospect of revealing better the underlying choices about values in certain decisions about these rights’ extent.