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Business Ethics in Times of Pandemic

Call for submissions!
The Business Ethics Journal Review is seeking submissions for a peer-reviewed virtual symposium on Business Ethics in Times of Pandemic.
Is the existing literature useful on the question of price-gouging? Given what has been written about CSR, what are an employer’s obligations to employees when business drops to zero? Should consumers embrace, or avoid, delivery services during a pandemic, in light of what has been written about the ethics of the gig economy? These are just a few suggestions for topics that might be tackled as business ethics scholars contemplate the current crisis.
Business Ethics Journal Review (ISSN 2326-7526) is a peer-reviewed, online journal that has been actively publishing since 2013. It publishes short (1,000-2,000 word) commentaries on peer-reviewed articles. It is edited by Alexei Marcoux and Christ MacDonald.
They are currently seeking short, focused commentaries on business ethics related to the current Covid-19 crisis. For this special symposium, they are relaxing their normal rules, while attempting to stay true to their basic mission. Accordingly, they offer the following guidelines for submissions:
– All submissions must be between 1,000 and 2,000 words, inclusive of abstract and citations.
– In light of our status as a journal review, submissions should be focused on commenting on prior literature.
– Authors are strongly encouraged to focus on literature from the last 10 years (the usual BEJR rule is 3 years!)
Potential authors are strongly encouraged to contact the editors (editors@bejr.org) to discuss their potential contribution.
For more about the Business Ethics Journal Review, see our website, at: