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Covid-19: Plan to tax unvaccinated Canadians unethical, say medics

Reportage de la BBC, avec Vardit Ravitsky.

« The Canadian province of Quebec will charge a health tax to residents who are not vaccinated against Covid-19. Quebec, which has seen the highest number of Covid-related deaths in Canada, is currently struggling with a surge in cases.

On Tuesday, the premier Francois Legault, announced that it would be the first in the nation to financially penalise the unvaccinated. The fee has not yet been decided, but will be « significant », he said. Only about 12.8% of Quebec residents are not vaccinated, but they make up nearly a third of all hospital cases.

Vardit Ravitsky, Professor of Bioethics at the University of Montréal says the plan is fundamentally flawed: “Public health measures are not meant to be punitive. They are meant to protect the health of the public”. »

(Picture: A child, age 7, receives the Covid-19 vaccine for children in Montreal, Quebec. Credit: Getty Images)