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Stephanie Kapusta

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2021-2022 à aujourd'hui Chercheur-e invité-e,

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19 octobre 2021 “A Cares-based Account of the Gendered Self”

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Stephanie Kapusta is Assistant Professor in the philosophy department at Dalhousie University in Halifax, NS. Her area of work is in feminist philosophy and social philosophy with an emphasis on transgender studies. She has recently published articles in the journals Hypatia, Feminist Philosophy Quarterly, Australasian Philosophical Review, Atlantis and Topoi, as well as several book chapters and an encyclopedia article on transgender rights in the International Encyclopedia of Ethics. At CRÉ her work will focus on trans-inclusive accounts of gender, as well as on the elaboration of a coherent notion of gender autonomy.

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Adresse courriel: Stephanie.Kapusta@dal.ca.

Stephanie séjourne au CRÉ du 1er septembre 2021 au 31 janvier 2022.