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Phoebe Friesen

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2020-2021 à aujourd'hui Membre régulier-ère,

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11 mai 2021 « Qui en est responsable ? / Who’s Responsible for This? »
19 février 2021 On the placebo effect


Pheobe Friesen is an assistant professor, division of ethics and policy, Department of Social Studies of Medicine, McGill University.

Her research interests are the following: medical ethics, the placebo effect, psychiatric research, participatory research, feminist philosophy of science, critical psychiatry, health disparities, research ethics oversight.

Phoebe Friesen is a philosopher and medical ethicist who works within the Division of Ethics and Policy and the Department of Social Studies of Medicine at McGill University. Her work engages with ethical and epistemic issues related to the production and implementation of knowledge in the health sciences, drawing on feminist philosophy of science, ethics scholarship, and methodologies from the social sciences.

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