Kathryn Furlong

Professeure adjointe en géographie, et titulaire de la Chaire de recherche du Canada en gouvernance urbaine, de l’eau et des services publics.

Postes occupés

2013-2014 à aujourd'hui Membre régulier-ère,
2014-2015 à aujourd'hui Direction d'axe,


Kathryn Furlong, professeure agrégée en géographie et titulaire de la Chaire de recherche du Canada en eau et urbanisation.

Le programme de recherche de Kathryn se concentre autour des conséquences sociales et environnementales des restructurations politico-économiques pour la gestion et de la gouvernance de l’eau, en particulier dans le contexte de la gouvernance municipale. Ses recherches rallient ainsi les disciplines des géographies économique, urbaine et de l’environnement tout en se penchant sur de nombreux enjeux liés à la gouvernance, à la restructuration politico-économique (e.g. néolibéralisme), à la prestation des services municipaux, à l’environnement et à la durabilité, aux réseaux sociotechniques et aux liens entre la société et l’environnement.

Sélection de publications récentes

Articles (avec comité de lecture)

  • Acevedo, T., K. Furlong, J. Arias. (in press). Complicating neoliberalisation and decentralization: the non-linear experience of Colombian water supply 1909-2012. International Journal of Water Resources Development.
  • Furlong, K. (2015) Water and the Entrepreneurial City: The Territorial Expansion of Public Utility Companies from Colombia and the Netherlands. Geoforum 58, 195-207.
  • Furlong, K. (2014) STS beyond the “modern infrastructure ideal”: Extending theory by engaging with infrastructure challenges in the South. Technology in Society 39, 139-147.
  • Furlong, K. (2013) The dialectics of equity: consumer citizenship and the extension of water supply in Medellín, Colombia. Annals of the Association of American Geographers 103 (5), 1176-1192.
  • Furlong, K. (2012) Good water governance without good urban governance? Regulation, service delivery models, and local government. Environment and Planning A 44, 2721-2741. doi:10.1068/a44616
  • Furlong, K. (2011) Small technologies, Big change: rethinking infrastructure through STS & geography. Progress in Human Geography 35 (4), 460-482.
  • Furlong, K and Bakker, K. (2011) Governance and Sustainability at a Municipal Scale: The Challenge of Water Conservation. Canadian Public Policy 37 (2), 219-237.
  • Furlong, K. (2010) Neoliberal water management? trends, limitations, reformulations. Environment and Society: Advances in Research 1, 46-75.
  • Furlong, K. & Bakker, K. (2010) The Contradictions of ‘Good’ Governance: Business Models, Alternative Service Delivery, and Sustainability in Municipal Water Supply. Environment and Planning C: Government and Policy 28 (2), 349-368.
  • Hill, C., Furlong, K., Bakker, K., & Cohen, A. (2008) Harmonization versus Subsidiarity in Water Governance: A Survey Water Governance and Legislation and Policies in the Provinces and Territories. Canadian Water Resources Journal 33 (4), 315-332.
  • Furlong, K. (2008) Hidden Theories, Troubled Waters: Response to Critics. Political Geography 27(7), 811-814.
  • Furlong, K. (2006) Hidden Theories, Troubled Waters: International Relations, the ‘Territorial Trap’, and the Southern African Development Community’s Transboundary Waters. Political Geography 25(4), 438-458.
  • Furlong, K. (2006) Unexpected Narratives in Conservation: Discourses of Identity and Place in Šumava National Park, Czech Republic. Space and Polity 10(1), 47-65.
  • Gleditsch, N. P., Furlong, K., Hegre, H., Lacina, B., & Owen, T. (2006) Conflicts over Shared Rivers: Resource Scarcity or Fuzzy Boundaries? Political Geography 25(4), 361-382.
  • Furlong, K., Gleditsch, N. P., & Hegre, H. (2006) Geographic Opportunity and Neomalthusian Willingness: Boundaries, Shared Rivers, and Conflict. International Interactions 32(1), 79–108.

Chapitres de livre

  • Furlong, K. (soumis) Beyond the local state as “container”: Scale, positionality, and water supply reform. In E. Norman, C. Cook & A. Cohen (Eds.) Scaling Water Governance: The politics of watersheds, waterscapes, and hydrosocial networks. Surrey, Ashgate.
  • Furlong, K. (à paraître 2013) Reconsidering recent trends in municipal governance: lessons from water supply in Ontario, Canada. In S. Davidson & J. Linton (Eds.), Water as a Social Opportunity. Kingston, Queen’s – McGill University Press.
  • Hill, C., Furlong, K., Bakker, K., & Cohen, A. 2006. A Survey of Water Governance Legislation and Policies in the Provinces and Territories. In K. Bakker (Ed.), Eau Canada: The Future of Canada’s Water. Vancouver, BC, UBC Press: Appendix 1, 367-395.

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