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Iwao Hirose

Associate professor at McGill University.

Postes occupés

2014-2015 à aujourd'hui Membre régulier-ère,


I am associate professor at McGill. I have been working in lovely Montreal since 2007. Before that, I was employed at University College, Oxford and Harvard University. I also held visiting posts at University of Melbourne; Universite Catholique de Louvain; University of Stockholm; University of Tokyo; St Anne’s College, Oxford; New York University; Fondation Brocher; College d’Etudes Mondiales, Paris. The area of my research is axiology and its applicaitons to public policy: in other words, ethics and some parts of political philosophy and economics.

Recent publications



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  • « Axiological sufficientarianism » in Fourie C. and R. Annette (eds.) How Much Is Enough? Suuffciency and Thresholds in Health Care. Oxford University Press (forthcoming).

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