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Christopher P. Barrington-Leigh

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Chris Barrington-Leigh is an Associate Professor at McGill University, joint between its Institute for Health and Social Policy and the McGill School of Environment, and an Associate Member in McGill’s Department of Economics.

His research group is working in four broad areas:

  • The « economics of well-being »
    They use large data sets from surveys that include self-reports of life evaluations in order to understand the empirical, experienced human benefits of economic and social conditions, changes, and policy.
  • Experiments on social preferences
    They are starting lab experiments to further our understanding of consumption externalities and social preferences.
  • Urban street networks and climate policy
    They are investigating the impact of extant and plausible policies aimed at mitigating greenhouse gas concentrations in the atmosphere. This includes quantitative analysis of the variation and evolution of urban form.
  • Energy transition in China
    They have recently piloted a household survey in rural Beijing to understand household experience and behaviour in response to the major coal-to-electricity intervention currently transforming home heating.