Adina Preda

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2010-2011 Stagiaire postdoctoral-e,

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25 octobre 2017 « Luck egalitarianism, shame, and (self-)respect »


I completed my PHD in Political theory at the University of Manchester, UK in 2006. My thesis examined the moral justification of humanitarian intervention. I also completed the European Master Degree in Minority Rights (Robert Schuman University, Strasbourg) and an MA (Econ.) in Government at the University of Manchester. Between 2007 and 2010, I was a lecturer in political theory at University College Dublin, where I was teaching modules on human rights, global justice and contemporary political theory. From September to December 2010, I was a Hoover fellow at the Chaire Hoover d’éhique économique et sociale, Université Catholique de Louvain.

I am mainly interested in issues related to rights and global (distributive) justice. My research so far focused on conflicts of rights, group rights, territorial rights as well as state legitimacy and collective agency and responsibility. Several papers on those topics are forthcoming in peer-reviewed journals.

In my current research, I aim to bring theories of (global) distributive justice into closer alignment with theories of rights. Traditionally, theories of distributive justice, and in particular egalitarian theories, construct a principle of justice from which they derive individual rights. This is problematic because they pay insufficient attention to the specific issues posed by rights, particularly to possible conflicts of rights. I want to examine the extent to which an egalitarian theory of justice can generate rights that are compossible. I also worked on the concept of voluntary choice and its relationship with the notion of freedom.