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Sharon Bassan (Princeton University)

Quand :
29 octobre 2018 @ 18:00 – 19:30
Où :
Salle 3019
7101 Av du Parc
Montréal, QC H3N 1X9

Dans le cadre de leur Ateliers de la bioéthique, les membres de l’axe Éthique et santé du CRÉ sont heureux.ses d’accueillir Sharon Bassan (Princeton University), qui offrira une présentation intitulée « Surrogacy – On Reproductive Labor and Labor Law ».


This talk aims to explore whether labor law is an appropriate mechanism to regulate cross-border surrogacy. Work-related arguments concerning surrogacy usually support the view that commercial surrogacy deserves some sort of remuneration. In this talk, I do not oppose commercial surrogacy per se, but rather argue that not all forms of work are part of the labor market, and not all forms of earning in the market are necessarily work. I focus on the conceptualization of surrogacy as work, the surrogate as a worker, and on labor law, which should accordingly be assumed appropriate for regulating such markets. To do that, I analyze the purpose of labor law and the conceptual framework of work and worker, and examines their applicability to the conduct of surrogacy arrangements.

Short bio

Sharon Bassan is a second year Postdoctoral Research Associate with a joint appointment in the University Center for Human Values and the Woodrow Wilson School’s Office of Population Research in Princeton University. A bioethicist, with a PhD and JD in law, Sharon is interested in issues of health law/policy and bioethics, in particular in the areas of the ethics of reproductive technologies, health markets, global health governance and global justice. Her current project is a book about the regulation of cross-border surrogacy.