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Workshop on the economics, ethics, and politics of wealth and capital income inequality

Peter Dietsch invites you to a 2-day workshop that brings together experts on issues of economic inequality, specifically capital income and wealth. Questions include: Do individuals have entitlement to capital income? If so, on what grounds? What inequality in capital income is justified? To minimize emissions, the workshop involving participants from Europe as well as the East Coast will be held entirely on Zoom.

8:15am – 1:00pm Nov 29 – Nov 30 PST (21:15 – 02:00 Nov 29 – Dec 1 E)


8.30am Welcome

8.40-9.30am Huub Brouwer (Tilburg University), Alexander Andersson (Göteborg Universitet), Joakim Sandberg (Göteborg Universitet) – “Can investment income be deserved?” – comment: Peter Dietsch (University of Victoria)

9.30-10.20am Alan Thomas (University of York) – “State Ownership, the Franchise Economy, and Income Inequality” – comment: Stanislas Richard (University of Victoria)

10.20-10.40am COFFEE BREAK

10.40am-11.30 Tom Malleson (King’s University College), “Against Desert: Fairness, Ableism, and the Level Playing Field” – comment: Mara Marin (University of Victoria)

11.30am-12.20pm Stanislas Richard (University of Victoria), “Exploitation, positive duties, and neglect: What do multinational corporations owe to the global poor?” – comment: Brian Berkey (University of Pennsylvania)


8.15-9.05am Ingrid Robeyns (Universiteit Utrecht), “Limiting lifetime inheritances and gifts” – comment: Jeremy Webber (University of Victoria)

9.05-9.55am Lisa Herzog (Rijksuniversiteit Groningen), “Liberal egalitarianism beyond methodological atomism” – comment: Colin Macleod (University of Victoria)

9.55-10.10am COFFEE BREAK

10.10-11am Alexander Douglas (University of St Andrews) – “A Policy of No Interest? The Permanent Zero Interest Rate, and the Evils of Capitalism” – comment: Nicholas Vrousalis (Erasmus University Rotterdam). 

11am-11.50pm Joshua Preiss (Minnesota State University, Mankato), “Capital Inequality and the Ethics of Industrial Policy” – comment: Cindy Holder (University of Victoria)

11.50am-12.05 COFFEE BREAK

12.05-12.55pm Peter Dietsch (University of Victoria), “A capital mistake: Towards a new political economy of capital” – comment: Alexander Douglas (University of St Andrews)

Please contact Peter Dietsch to register, as spots are limited: pdietsch@uvic.ca.