Plagiarism Policy

Plagiarism occurs if someone intentionally copies others work or someone copies content without providing the appropriate references. This also includes self-plagiarism, when someone copy her or his own previously published either in full or in part, without providing appropriate references.

All the submitted manuscripts for publication are checked for plagiarism after submission and before starting review. Les ateliers de l’éthique/The Ethics Forum will judge any case of plagiarism according to these criteria. If plagiarism is detected, either by the editors, peer reviewers or editorial staff at any stage before publication of a manuscript – before or after acceptance, during editing or at a page proof stage, we will alert the author(s) and will ask them to either rewrite the text or quote the text exactly and cite the original source. If more than 25% of the paper is plagiarized – the manuscript will be rejected without editorial review. The authors are advised to revise the plagiarized parts of the manuscript and submit it anew. If plagiarism is detected after publication, the journal editorial office will contact the author’s institute and funding agencies. The paper containing the plagiarism will be marked on each page of the PDF. Depending on the extent of the plagiarism (more than 25%), the paper may also be formally retracted.