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Le pire des maux. Éthique et ontologie du spécisme

Former CRÉ postdoctoral researcher and GRÉEA collaborating member François Jaquet has just published the book Le pire des maux, in the “La part des choses” collection from Éditions Eliott.

It is quite rare for a philosophical concept to escape the academic arena. However, this is the case with the concept of speciesism, which has made a notable entry into the public sphere over the last decade. Alas! this concept and the issues it raises are often poorly understood. Many authors contest its legitimacy even though they have a poor understanding of it. Others use it more readily without understanding it better. The confusion surrounding this notion prevents it from contributing to the discussion as much as it could.

Le pire des maux intends to remedy this state of affairs by giving the notion of speciesism a presentation that is both precise enough to do justice to the philosophical discussions of which it is the subject and sufficiently clear to be accessible to anyone interested in the moral status of animals.

François Jaquet is lecturer in ethics and deputy director of the Master’s in Ethics program at the University of Strasbourg. His work mainly focuses on speciesism in animal ethics and error theory in metaethics. With Hichem Naar, he is co-author of Qui peut sauver la morale ? Essai de métaéthique, new edition to be published by Éditions Éliott.