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“La justice en jeu : regard sur la recherche avec des êtres humains”

New publication in Lex Electronica: “La justice en jeu: regard sur la recherche avec les êtres humains“, by Michel Bergeron, Emmanuelle Marceau and Marie-Alexia Masella.


Respect for the principle of justice in research involving humans is essential to ensure that this research is ethically acceptable. While concerns about it are not new, recent developments in science, technology and the society have brought forward new challenges to its content, its understanding and its application. In this paper, we first present some historical background to the concept of justice as linked to bioethics and research ethics. We then share reflections and recommendations on its application in
areas such as fairness, vulnerability, solidarity, new technologies and colonialism. In doing so, we would like to shed more light on the need for increased social thinking and for increased sensitivity of those involved in research with human beings with regards to justice in research, its link to respect for human dignity both being basics to the ethical evaluation of research activities.