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Tom Angier (U. of Cape Town)

27 March 2024 @ 12:00 – 13:15
Salle 309, 3e étage, UdeM - Mode hybride
2910 Édouartd-Montpetit

At the initiative of Yann Allard-Tremblay, Tom Angier (University of Cape Town) will give us a presentation titled “Perfectionism and Its Critics.”

The content of this presentation is from chapter 4 of a monograph in preparation. Important background information is introduced in chapter 3 of the book, where our guest defends his brand of “natural perfectionism” against challenges from evolutionary theory and neo-Aristotelian naturalism. To get both chapters of the monograph, download them here (ch. 3) and here (ch. 4).

To participate by Zoom, it’s here.