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Valéry Giroux

Assistant Director of the Centre for Research in Ethics (CRÉ)

Positions held

2005-2006 to 2010-2011 Student(s),
2006-2007 Graduate fellow(s),
2012-2013 to 2021-2022 Coordination
2012-2013 to today Research Officer
2021-2022 to today Assistant Director

Flagship themes


After obtaining a Bachelor of Laws from the Université de Montréal (UdeM) (1997), I passed the Quebec Bar exams and completed an internship in criminal law at Poupart & Marquis, which allowed me to be registered on the Tableau de l’Ordre du Barreau du Québec (2001). Interested in animal rights, I then did a master’s degree in law (UdeM) with my thesis focused on the proposed reform of animal cruelty offences in the Canadian Criminal Code (2003). In order to better understand the ethical issues surrounding the animal question, I undertook doctoral studies in philosophy (UdeM) under the supervision of Christine Tappolet and devoted my thesis to the opportunity to extend the most fundamental human rights to all sentient beings. My thesis was published by L’Âge d’Homme (2017).

I am now the Assistant Director of the Centre for Research in Ethics (CRÉ), where I am also pursuing my research in animal ethics. In 2017, I published a book with Renan Larue  entitled Le Véganisme (“Que sais-je?”, Puf, 2017) and more recently, in 2020, another book in the same collection, this one entitled L’Antispécisme. Finally, I am a member of the Groupe de recherche en éthique environnementale et animale (GRÉEA), co-editor of L’Amorce. Revue contre le spécisme and fellow du Oxford Centre for Animal Ethics.


Site personnel


Crédit photo: Noémie Leboeuf.