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Nick Clanchy

Positions held

2023-2024 to today Postdoctoral researcher(s),

Flagship themes


From October 15th 2023, Nick Clanchy will be a postdoctoral Fellow at Amandine Catala’s Research Chair on Epistemic Injustice and Agency and at the Centre de Recherche en Éthique. Their research project, co-supervised by Amandine Catala (UQÀM) and Kristin Voigt (McGill), centres on hermeneutical injustice: roughly, the sort of injustice a person suffers when they are unfairly hindered from satisfying an interest they have in something about them being intelligible to someone. Previous work in this area has focused on how best to enable people to satisfy such interests; a primary aim of the project is to argue for the desirability of instead doing away with at least some such interests, for instance by implementing a universal basic income. To this end the project will draw on work in trans studies, queer theory, and disability studies in addition to feminist philosophy, political philosophy, and ethics.

Before coming to Montréal, Nick studied for a DPhil in philosophy at the University of Oxford under the supervision of Amia Srinivasan and Rachel Fraser. Prior to that, they took a BA and then an MPhil in philosophy at the University of Cambridge. One chapter of their doctoral thesis has recently been published in Episteme as “Whose Hermeneutical Marginalization?”, while another is forthcoming in Hypatia as “Tackling Hermeneutical Injustices in Gender-Affirming Healthcare.”

Personal website: www.nickclanchy.com

Email address: nicholas.clanchy@philosophy.ox.ac.uk