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Max Lewis

Positions held

2022-2023 Postdoctoral researcher(s),

Participation in CRÉ events

26 September 2023 “Forgiving Debts of Gratitude”
8 December 2023 Max Lewis (McGill U. & CRÉ)
27 April 2024 Dimensions of Gratitude Workshop


Max is a postdoctoral fellow at CRÉ (Centre de recherche en éthique). His primary research interests are in moral psychology, metaethics, normative ethics, environmental ethics, and epistemology. In ethics, his current research focuses on the moral assessment of cognitive and non-cognitive attitudes, the (dis)value of normative deference, the nature of the fittingness relation, and the fittingness conditions of gratitude and resentment. In environmental ethics, his current research focuses on what moral attitudes or emotions it is fitting to have toward nature. In epistemology, his current research focuses on the nature of epistemic blame.
Before coming to CRÉ, he was a postdoctoral researcher (2020-2023) at the University of Helsinki under the supervision of Antti Kauppinen and Maria Lasonen-Aarnio. Before that, he completed his Ph.D. in 2020 at the University of Pennsylvania under the supervision of Errol Lord.
While at CRÉ, he will work on the project “Gratitude and Resentment: A Usefully Opposed Pair” under the supervision of Chris Howard (McGill) and Mauro Rossi (UQÀM).  In this project, he will develop accounts of the nature and fittingness conditions of gratitude and resentment according to which gratitude is a response to a kind of partiality while resentment is a response to a kind of enmity. He will use the account of gratitude to provide a novel account of why ingratitude is uniquely harmful (and sometimes wrongs the person to whom gratitude is owed). He will also apply these accounts of gratitude and resentment to the question of whether it can be fitting to be grateful to or resentful of AI.max.lewis@gmail.com
Personal website: max-lewis.com