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Martin Gibert

Research officer at CRÉ and IVADO

Positions held

2008-2009 Graduate fellow(s)
2016-2017 to today Coordination
2016-2017 to today Research Officer
2006-2007 to 2011-2012 Student(s),

Flagship themes


Since July 1, 2017, Martin has been a research officer at CRÉ and IVADO. He works on the issue of the ethics of AI and algorithms. In particular, he wonders how to program artificial moral agents (self-driving cars, chatbots, care robots).

His skills are generalist: he has taught numerous courses in normative and applied ethics, philosophy of law, and critical thinking. His doctoral and postdoctoral research focused on moral psychology. His publications include the role of imagination in moral deliberation and our moral perception of non-human animals from an anti-speciesist perspective.

In the ethics of artificial intelligence, he is particularly interested in how to implement processes of moral deliberation in machines. He believes that a good model could be based on virtue ethics and moral perception, i.e., the stage of gathering relevant information that precedes moral reasoning and decision-making. Supervised learning seems to be a promising technology for such a project. Another of his areas of interest is the moral biases revealed by big data and how best to correct them.

He writes the blog: ” La quatrième blessure ” and published in May 2020 an introductory book on the ethics of algorithms, ” Faire la morale aux robots ” at Atelier10.


Website: martingibert.com