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Guillaume Soucy

Positions held

2018-2019 to today Student(s),
2021-2022 Graduate fellow(s),


I am a PhD candidate in philosophy at UQAM, under the supervision of Mauro Rossi. I completed a master’s degree in philosophy at the University of Montreal in 2018 under the supervision of Christine Tappolet. I am also assistant coordinator at CRÉ and lecturer at UQAM.

While in my master’s dissertation I sought to understand how constructivist theories are positioned in the debate on moral realism, my doctoral project attempts to determine whether these theories can explain what several authors have identified as an apparent symmetry between the phenomena of moral value and aesthetic value.

My research interests are mainly in meta-ethics and meta-aesthetics, but I am also interested in normative ethics, political philosophy and epistemology.

Personal page: guillaumesoucy.net
Academia page links: guillaumesoucy.academia.edu