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Em Walsh

Positions held

2021-2022 Graduate fellow(s),
2021-2022 Student representative,


I am currently entering my fourth year of my PhD in philosophy at McGill university. I specialize in philosophy of psychiatry, philosophy of mind and memory, feminist philosophy, and bioethics. According to the feminist relational conception of the self, developing a coherent sense of self requires an ongoing process. My thesis explores what happens to one’s sense of self if one feels psychologically or socially “stuck in time”. Specifically, I explore how this can interrupt the ongoing processing of the self. My thesis explores two ways individuals can be stuck in time: either psychologically, by experiencing a mental illness such as PTSD, or socially, due to occupying a marginalized social position. I am interested in both the relational and personal harms of this experience, as well as what this experience informs us about the relational self.