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Angie Pepper (U. of Roehampton), à propos de ‘The Ethics of Animal Shelters’ (OUP, 2023)

Dre Angie Pepper (University of Roehampton in the UK and member of the Groupe de recherche en éthique environnementale et animale (GREEA) was the guest of Josh Milburn, host of the podcast Knowing animals. Angie Pepper works in moral and political philosophy, and has published papers on, among other topics, animals’ right to privacy, animals’ political agency, and what we owe to animals in light of climate change. In this episode, we discuss the collection The Ethics of Animal Shelters, which Angie co-edited with Valery Giroux and Kristin Voigt, including both the guidelines and recommendations in Part I of the book, and Pepper’s chapter ‘Caring in Non-Ideal Conditions: Animal Rescue Organizations and Morally Justified Killing’ in part II of the book. The Ethics of Animal Shelters was published in 2023 by Oxford University Press.