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« Fake news or fake beliefs? »

Aude Bandini (Philosophie, UdeM) donnera une conférence intitulée « Fake news or fake beliefs? » dans le cadre d’une séance du séminaire « Construyendo puentes entre la filosofía y la neurociencia »(« Building Bridges between Philosophy and Neuroscience »), consacrée au thème FAKE NEWS AND THE MIND.

Le 5 juillet 2021, 1pm (heure de Montréal)


According to traditional epistemology, it is conceptually – if not psychologically – impossible to hold a belief while considering it to be likely false or even ill-grounded. This entails that for an agent to believe in some “fake news,” she must be under the
impression that the latter is reliable and epistemically worthy. However, falling for fake news is arguably not the same as being honestly deceived by a lie or an illusion: more often than not, fake news are readily identifiable as such. Yet, they may prompt
genuine beliefs, rather than mere « fake » ones nevertheless. This talk aims at dissolving this vexing paradox.

Pour s’inscrire, c’est ici. La présentation et la discussion seront tenues en anglais.