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Political Theory of Populism

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16 avril 2021 – 17 avril 2021 Jour entier
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Le Social Justice Centre organise un atelier intitué « Political Theory of Populism ».

The Social Justice Centre of Concordia University invites you to attend the workshop Political Theory of Populism, sponsored by the Groupe de recherche en philosophie politique de Montréal (GRIPP).

The workshop explores the conceptual and normative resources political theory has to understand and respond to the phenomenon of populism. While empirical research on populism has grown exponentially over the past decade, theoretical engagement remains relatively scant. At present, populism is not clearly defined and distinguished from adjacent phenomena. Often assumed as a threat, the full range of roles populism plays in democracy, justice, and governance is not well understood. Even less attention has been dedicated to the remedies for problematic forms or elements of populism. This workshop aims to tackle these neglected conceptual and normative issues raised by the phenomenon of populism.

Workshop papers will be pre-circulated. All participants are expected to read them in advance. The Zoom link will be sent to registrants closer to the event date. To register, please fill in this form. For any inquiries, please contact the workshop chair Agnes Tam via agnes.tam@mail.concordia.ca.


April 16  

All times are in EST.

9:15 – 9:30 Welcome & Introductions
9:30 – 10:45  



Pablo Gilabert

Author: Agnes Tam (Concordia University)

Paper: “Do Liberals Have to Fear Identity-Expressive Populism?”


Commentator: Jules Salomone-Sehr (Centre de Recherche en Éthique)

10:45 – 10:55 Break
10:55 – 12:10  




Pablo Gilabert

Author: Nadia Urbinati (Columbia University)

Paper: “Filling the Void, Possessing Power: The Transformative Character of Populist Politics”


Commentator: Brennen Harwood (Queen’s University)

12:10 – 13:30 Lunch
13:30 – 14:45  




Agnes Tam

Author: Cristina Lafont (Northwestern University)

Paper: “Power to the People: Citizens’ Assemblies and the Populist Conception of Representation as Embodiment”


Commentator: Joseph Heath (University of Toronto)

14:45 – 14:55 Break
14:55 – 16:10  



Agnes Tam

Author: Arash Abizadeh (McGill University)

Paper: “Popular Sovereignty vs Democracy: Or, How Rousseau Killed Democracy”


Commentator: Juliette Roussin (Laval University)

End of Day 1
April 17
9:30 – 10:45  



Chair: Agnes Tam

Author: Kevin Vallier (Bowling Green State University)   

Paper: “Diversity Destabilizes Illiberal Political Orders”   


Commentator: Víctor Muñiz-Fraticelli (McGill University)

10:45 – 10:55 Break
10:55 – 12:10  



Chair: Agnes Tam

Author: Patti Lenard (University of Ottawa)

Paper: “Anti-immigrant Populism and the (Failure of the) Duty of Civility”


Commentator: Will Kymlicka (Queen’s University)

12:10 – 12:20 Break
12:20 – 13:35  



Chair: Agnes Tam

Author: Daniel Weinstock (McGill University)

Paper: TBC


Commentator: Colleen Murphy (University of Illinois)

End of Day 2