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Fabrice Teroni (Université de Berne, Suisse)

Quand :
11 février 2014 @ 11:30 – 13:00
Où :
Salle 309 CRÉUM

Dans le cadre de ses midis de l’éthique, le CRÉUM reçoit Fabrice Teroni, qui viendra nous parler du sujet suivant: The Place of Emotions in Well-being.

Résumé de la présentation:

Considering side by side existing theories of well-being and theories of emotions is the occasion for observing notable parallels. It is indeed striking that for each major theory of well-being, there exists a companion theory of the emotions. Thus, to classical hedonic views of well-being, there corresponds no less classical pure feeling views of the emotions; to desire views that conceive of well-being in terms of desire satisfaction, there corresponds a variety of theories approaching the emotions in terms of the satisfaction/frustration of desires; and finally, to so called objective list theories of well-being, there corresponds a variety of theories of the emotions that conceive of them as evaluations. In my presentation, I shall explore these parallels and briefly assess the approaches to emotions and well-being that subtend them with the aim of explaining the intuitive appeal of the thoughts that a life without emotions is not worth living and that having plenty of positive emotions must be good.