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Philippe Labrecque (Concordia)

The Department of Political Science Presents ​Philippe Labrecque
MPPPA, Class of 2014
In conversation with Dr. Travis D. Smith

Mon 24 Oct 2016 16:15 – 18:15

Concordia, H 1220, Henry F. Hall Building, 1455 de Maisonneuve Blvd. West.

Understanding Conservatism

As part of his own intellectual and philosophical journey to make sense of current political discourse and debate, Philippe Labrecque, a young and enterprising journalist, interviewed leading conservative intellectuals—including Charles Krauthammer, Shelby Steele, Heather Mac Donald, Harvey C. Mansfield and Roger Scruton—to discover the essence, origins, state and future of conservatism. A unique and extensive overview of various facets of conservatism today in the midst of the Donald Trump surge, these interviews were published first in French as Comprendre le conservatisme (Liber, 2016) and subsequently in English as Conservatism in the 21st Century (available at www.onconservatism.com and on Kindle through amazon.com).

Philippe Labrecque has worked as a Market Research Analyst at Research On Investment since 2014. He has written pieces for Le Devoir, the Huffington Post, Revue Argument, The Commentator, and the Near East South Asia Center for Strategic Studies. He covered the French Presidential elections of 2012 for Radio Hauts-de-Rouen.

Travis D. Smith is Associate Professor of Political Science at Concordia University, where he teaches political theory. He is currently writing a book on classical ethics and popular culture.

For more information, contact: Travis Smith travis.smith@concordia.ca