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Rencontre annuelle Toronto/Montréal

Rencontre annuelle des chercheurEs du Centre for Ethics de la University of Toronto et des chercheurEs du Centre de recherche en éthique, qui présentent leurs travaux.

Programme (Affiche (.pdf)):

April 14:

Session One: 1 PM – 3 pm: Families and Inter-generational Justice:

Danielle Zwarthoed: « Should Future Generations Have Anticipatory Autonomy Rights? »
Andrée-Anne Cormier: « Reasonable Pluralism and Justice for Children »
Andrew Franklin-Hall, « Perfection and Autonomy in Upbringing »

Break: 3-3:30 

Session 2: 3:30 – 5:30: The Ethics of Place and Space

Marie-Noëlle Carré: « Landfills Futures in the Anthropocene ».
Ronit Schnur-Levine,Private Property, Political Power, and Eminent Domain: An Empirical Examination” 
Avigail Ferdman, « Comprehensive Liberalism and State Support for the Arts: A Critical Examination »

Dinner: 7 pm

April 15

Session 3: 9:30-10:50: Bioethics and Institutional Agency

Stuart J. Murray: « An Ethics of Care, Giving: Toward a Critique of Neoliberal Biomedicine »
Angela Martin: « Disability – An Essentially Contested Concept? »

Session 4: 11:00-12:20 pm: Beyond Borders: Law and Rights

Chris Tenove: « On the Agency of Victims: Empowerment and Disempowerment at the International Criminal Court »
Hilary Evans Camerons: « Fear and lies: Fact-finding in refugee status determination »

Break: 12:20 – 1:00

Session 5: 1:00 -2:20: Insights from the History of Political Thought

Andrei Poama: « A Distinction With A Difference: Reconstructing Aristotle’s Division of Particular Justice »
Clifton Mark, “Fantastical Realism and the Natural Law of Good Manners: Hobbes in the Context of Honour and Civility”