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« Continued Confinement of Those Most Vulnerable to COVID-19 »

Nouvel article de Samia Hurst et al. intitulé « Continued Confinement of Those Most Vulnerable to COVID-19« , paru dans Kennedy Institute of Ethics Journal.


« Continued confinement of those most vulnerable to COVID-19—e.g., the elderly, those with chronic diseases and other risk factors—is presented as an uncontroversial measure when planning exit strategies from lockdown measures. Policies for deconfinement assume that these persons will remain confined even when others will not. This, however, could last quite a long time, and for some this could mean that they will remain in confinement for the rest of their lives.In a policy brief on ethical, legal, and social issues of transition strategies, the Swiss national COVID-19 science task force stated that:Specific interventions should target the risks associated with isolation… »