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15 janvier 2019 What is moral understanding ?


I did an honours in philosophy at McGill University before joining the department of philosophy of the University of Geneva to do a Master specialized in emotion theory and contemporary philosophy. I am now a second year doctoral student at the University of Fribourg, Switzerland, under the supervision of Professor Jean-Claude Wolf and Professor Julien Deonna.

My main research interests are in moral psychology and moral epistemology. With a background in metaethics and philosophy of emotions,  I am now interested in better understanding the epistemic role of moral attention and moral emotions. My main hypothesis is that we can better account for the epistemic importance of these attitudes in ethics if we reframe the ultimate goal of the moral inquiry as an inquiry for understanding rather than knowledge.

While this research is conducted to better understand the role of these attitudes in general, I am also more specifically interested in better specifying their importance in an ethics of Care and in animal ethics.