Katie McShane

Assistant professor au département de philosophie de la Colorado State University.

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2014-2015 à aujourd'hui Membre collaborateur-trice,


Katie McShane est assistant professor au département de philosophie de la Colorado State University. »Katie McShane’s research interests lie at the intersection of ethical theory, particularly the theory of value, and environmental ethics. Her work explores the moral significance of the emotional attitudes that we take toward the natural world. She has published papers in journals such as Environmental Ethics, Environmental Values, Ethics & the Environment, and Philosophical Studies. Her current research analyzes the assumptions about value that might be present in various valuing attitudes (in particular, awe and respect) that environmentalists often urge people to take toward the natural world » (consultez sa page personnelle pour en savoir plus).

Sélection de publications récentes

  • « The Bearers of Value in Environmental Ethics » in Consequentialism and Environmental Ethics, edited by Avram Hiller and Leonard Kahn, forthcoming in 2014 from Routledge.
  • « Ecocentrism » in Critical Environmental Politics, edited by Carl Death, forthcoming in 2013 from Routledge.
  • « Neosentimentalism and the Valence of Attitudes, » Philosophical Studies 164(3): 747-65 (2013).
  • « Environmental Ethics, » The International Encyclopedia of Ethics, edited by Hugh LaFollette (Blackwell, 2013), pp. 1653-65.
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  • « The Environment: How to Understand It and What to Do about It, » in The Environment: Philosophy, Science, and Ethics, edited by William P. Kabasenche, Michael O’Rourke, and Matthew H. Slater (MIT Press, 2012), pp. 1-17.
  • « Neosentimentalism and Environmental Ethics, » Environmental Ethics 33(1):5-23 (2011).
  • « Love, Grief, and Climate Change, » in Moral Ground: Ethical Action for a Planet in Peril, edited by Michael Nelson and Kathleen Dean Moore, (Trinity Press, 2010), pp. 369-72.

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