Jonas Olson

Docent (Reader), Research Fellow, and University Lecturer (on leave) in Practical Philosophy, Stockholm University, September 2008 – present. Ph.D. Practical Philosophy, Uppsala University, Sweden 2005.

Postes occupés

2012-2013 Chercheur-e invité-e,
2014-2015 à aujourd'hui Membre collaborateur-trice,


At CRÉUM: 22 April to 20 May 2013.

Research Areas

Metaethics and related subjects.

Academic Background

  • Docent (Reader), Research Fellow, and University Lecturer (on leave) in Practical Philosophy, Stockholm University, September 2008 – present.
  • Tutorial Fellow, Brasenose College; Departmental Lecturer, University of Oxford, September 2005 – September 2008.
  • Visiting Fellow, Yale University, autumn 2005.
  • Ph.D. in Practical Philosophy, Uppsala University, May 2005.
  • Assistant Lecturer, University of Otago, New Zealand, September 2004 – March 2005.
  • M.A. in Practical Philosophy, Lund University, January 2001.

Peer-Reviewed Publications


  • Moral Error Theory: History, Critique, Defence (under contract with Oxford University Press).
  • The Oxford Handbook of Value Theory (co-edited with Iwao Hirose, under contract with Oxford University Press).

Journal Articles

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  19. ‘Projectivism and Error in Hume’s Ethics’, forthcoming in Hume Studies.
  20. Against the Being For Account of Normative Certitude’ (with Krister Bykvist), Journal of Ethics and Social Philosophy 6 (2012).
  21.  ‘The Personal and the Fitting: Critical Review of Toni Rönnow-Rasmussen’s Personal Value’, forthcoming in Journal of Moral Philosophy.
  22. ‘Mackie’s Motivational Queerness Argument Reconsidered’, forthcoming in The Internatonal Journal for the Study of Skepticism. (Invited contribution to a special issue on moral skepticism.)
  23. ‘The Metaphysics of Reasons’. Forthcoming in D. Star (ed.), The Oxford Handbook of Reasons and Normativity. Oxford: Oxford University Press.
  24. ‘Skepticism about Value’. Forthcoming in I. Hirose & J. Olson (eds), The Oxford Handbook of Value Theory. New York: Oxford University Press.

Encyclopaedia Entries

  1. ‘Buck-Passing Accounts’ (5000 words). Forthcoming in H. La Follette (ed.), International Encyclopaedia of Ethics. Oxford: Blackwell.
  2. ‘A. C. Ewing’ (with Mark Timmons, 3000 words). Forthcoming in LaFollette (ed.).
  3. ‘Metaethics’ (7000 words). Forthcoming in LaFollette (ed.).

Non-Peer-Reviewed Publications (Selection)

  1. ‘Sorting Out Reason: On Stoutlands Criticism of the Belief Desire Model’ (with Frans Svensson). In K. Segerberg & R. Sliwinski (eds.), A Philosophical Smorgasboard: Essays in Honour of Frederick Stoutland. Uppsala Philosophical Studies 52, 2003: 143-50. (Predecessor of item 6 in the above list.)
  2. ‘A Question about Supervenience and Value-Making Properties’. In W. Rabinowicz & T. Rönnow-Rasmussen (eds.). Patterns of Value: Essays on Formal Axiology and Value Analysis vol. 1. Lund Philosophy Reports, 2003: 130-37.
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  5. ‘Mackie’s Motivational Argument from Queerness Revisited’. In R. Sliwinski & F. Svensson (eds.), Neither/Nor: Philosophucal Essays Dedicated to Erik Carlson on the Occasion of his Fiftieth Birthday. Uppsala Philosophical Studies 58, 2011.


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Publications in Swedish

  1. ‘Om värdebärare och värdereduktion’. Filosofisk tidskrift 1/2002: 43-54.
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