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Gregory Mikkelson

Professor at the department of Philosophy and School of Environment, McGill University.

Postes occupés

2013-2014 Chercheur-e associé-e,
2014-2015 à aujourd'hui Direction d'axe,
2014-2015 à aujourd'hui Membre régulier-ère,


I am associate professor at the department of Philosophy and School of Environment, McGill University, since 2007. I received my PhD from the University of Chicago in 1997, where I completed a project named « Conceptual Foundations of Science ».I do trans-disciplinary research on the patterns, causes, consequences, and value of biodiversity. This research has led to publications in the fields of community ecology, philosophy of science, nature poetry, ecological economics, and environmental ethics.

Recent publications

In press

  • 2014.  Mikkelson, G. M.  On the intrinsic value of everything.  Environmental Ethics 36.
  • Mikkelson, G. M. 2014. Richness theory: From value to action. Les Ateliers de l’Éthique/The Ethics Forum 9:99-109.
  • Mikkelson, G. M. and C. A. Chapman. 2014. Individualistic environmental ethics: A reductio ad exstinctum? Environmental Ethics 36:333-338.
  • 2014.  Mikkelson, G. M. and C. H. Scott.  Values in ecology.  In:  Scott, C. H., P. G. Brown, and J. Labrecque, editors.  Dialoguing Knowledges:  Finding Our Way to Respect and Relationship.  University of British Columbia.  Vancouver, BC.


  • 2013.  Mikkelson, G. M.  Economic growth drives biodiversity lossQuantdary.
  • 2013.  Mikkelson, G. M.  Growth is the problem; Equality is the solutionSustainability 5:432-439.
  • 2013.  Mikkelson, G. M., R. Billé, and G. Kleitz.  Economic equality as a condition for biodiversity conservation.  In:  Genevey, R., R. K. Pachauri, and L. Tubiana, editors.  Reducing Inequalities:  A Sustainable Development Challenge.  The Energy and Resources Institute.  New Delhi, India.  Pp. 101-111.
  • 2011.  Mikkelson, G. M.  Diversity and the good.  In:  Brown, B., K. de Laplante, K. Peacock, D. M. Gabbay, P. Thagard, and J. Woods, editors.  Handbook of the Philosophy of Science.  Volume 11:  Ecology.  Elsevier.  Toronto, ON.  Pp. 399-415.
  • 2011.  Mikkelson, G. M.  Equality:  Economic and ecologicalCanadian Dimension 45(2):35-38.
  • 2011.  Mikkelson, G. M.  Unsimple truthsPhilosophy of Science 78:524-527.
  • 2011.  Mikkelson, G. M.  Weighing speciesEnvironmental Ethics 33:185-196.
  • 2011.  Mikkelson, G. M., B. J. McGill, B. Beaulieu, and P. L. Beukema.  Multiple links between species diversity and temporal stability in bird communities across North AmericaEvolutionary Ecology Research 13:361-372.
  • 2009.  Mikkelson, G. M.  Diversity-stability hypothesis.  In:  Callicott, J. B., R. Frodeman, V. Davion, B. G. Norton, C. Palmer, and P. B. Thompson, editors.  Encyclopedia of Environmental Ethics and Philosophy.  MacMillan.  Farmington Hills, MI.  Volume 1, pp. 255-256.
  • 2009.  Mikkelson, G. M.  The view from Mwakingali A.  Interdisciplinary Studies in Literature and Environment 16:851.
  • 2008.  Mikkelson, G. M.  Part-whole relationships and the unity of ecology.
  • 2007.  Mikkelson, G. M.  Ecological economics.  In:  Ruse, M., editor.  Philosophy of Biology.  Prometheus Books.  Amherst, NY.  Pp. 385-392.
  • 2007.  Mikkelson, G. M.  Ecology.  In:  Hull, D. L. and M. Ruse, editors.  Cambridge Companion to the Philosophy of Biology.  Cambridge University Press.  New York, NY.  Pp. 372-387.
  • 2007.  Mikkelson, G. M., A. Gonzalez, and G. D. Peterson.  Economic inequality predicts biodiversity lossPublic Library of Science (PLoS) ONE 2.e444.

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