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Eze Paez

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2020-2021 Chercheur-e invité-e,

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I was a visiting fellow at the Centre for Ethics in 2020-2021. I was also a postdoctoral fellow at the Politics and Society of the University of Minho (Braga, Portugal) and board member of the UPF Centre for Animal Ethics (Barcelona, Spain). Previously, I was a lecturer in legal theory, moral and political philosophy at Pompeu Fabra University, where I received my PhD in moral philosophy.
During my stay at the CRÉ, the overall focus of my research was what we owe to wild animals, most of whom likely have lives of net negative suffering. I have also written about the badness of death, as well as the ethics of killing and saving animals, on hedonistic act-utilitarianism and our duties towards animals on rule-consequentialism. My latest work sketches a Kantian account of our duties to reengineer nature for the benefit of all sentient beings. I am currently working on developing a neo-republican account of the political standing of nonhuman animals.